Not enjoying work? You might be able to retire early

The problem

Ray is an existing client, who, at 60 years old, had not been enjoying work for some time.
He seemed to be permanently on call, was traveling too much and was consequently stressed and tired for much of the time.

Whilst Ray wanted to stop working and retire, he really didn’t think there was a way to do this and was resigned to working for years to come.

The solution

Ray had saved hard all his life, in a combination of investments and pensions. Even so, he didn’t think he had built up enough money to retire.

When we met, we listened carefully to Ray’s story and, keen to help, we set about exploring his options.

Using the new Pension Freedom rules, which first started in 2015, we showed him how he could withdraw money from his pension in a flexible manner so that he could retire now. We advised Ray to take more from his pensions and investments now, until such time as his State Pension kicked in, at which point he will reduce his withdrawals to ensure his money will last for the rest of his life.

How the client benefited from our advice

This case shows how, with some careful planning, an open mind and expert advice, there are times when you can achieve something you previously thought impossible.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this advice was life-changing.

Ray now looks ten years younger and is enjoying life again, spending time in the garden and with his family; something he thought was years away.