Dale Smith

Dale Smith

Dale started his financial services career way back in 1991. He spent 10-years in various advisory roles, with two large and well-respected UK insurance companies, before becoming an Independent Financial Adviser in 2001.

A member of the Institute of Financial Services and holder of the Diploma in Financial Advice, Dale specialises in pensions and investments. He uses his knowledge to help translate jargon into everyday language for his clients. He is a good listener and is passionate about helping people keep their financial arrangements stress-free.

He is married with two daughters and when he’s not helping clients, he loves spending time with his family. He also enjoys gardening and watching sport.


Get to know Dale:

What’s your perfect Saturday night?

“A Summer barbeque with family and friends, plus a pint or two of real ale to wash it down.”

Best holiday?

“I love Port de Soller in Majorca. So beautiful and hardly any mobile signal so relaxation is (almost) guaranteed.”

What are you afraid of?

“Heights, well more accurately I’m afraid of falling from a great height!”

Earliest memory?

“My first day at Nursery School. Now that was scary!”

What’s your most satisfying moment as an adviser?

“I have many after almost 29 years in the role. But I get the most satisfaction from showing people who are in jobs they’ve long since stopped enjoying, that they can retire earlier than they thought possible. That’s life-changing.”

Why did you start Artisan Financial?

“We wanted to help people by talking their language. Financial matters are really scary for many people and we strongly feel it doesn’t need to be that way.”

If you could change one thing about financial services, what would it be?

“Teach it in schools from an early age so everyone understands the benefits of planning for the future.”


What do Dale’s clients say about him?

“Dale has always provided me with a first-class service and I have recommended him to many friends. He is always approachable and has done a superb job with my pension over the years.”

JH, Belper

“Dale has been our adviser for years and we wouldn’t want anyone else. We can’t fault the advice we get from him.  He is very, very good.”

P & ML, Chesterfield

“Dale is very friendly, puts you at your ease and explains things in layman’s language.”

N & SD, Alfreton


The formal bit

All investment advisers in the UK must be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and hold an up to date Statement of Professional Standing (SPS).

We know this might all sound rather official, but it’s important stuff and you should never deal with an adviser unless they appear on the FCA Register and are prepared to show you their SPS.

As you have gathered by now, we like to be upfront, so here are links to our:

Entry on the FCA Register

Statement of Professional Standing


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