About us

It goes without saying that all Financial Advisers need to understand pensions, investments, tax and such like. You can rest assured that we do. And that we’re also very experienced and highly qualified.

But, we know it’s equally important to understand you and what you care about. Fundamentally, that’s what our job is all about; understanding you and your financial concerns and objectives.

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We love our jobs

Artisan Financial was founded by Dale Smith, who genuinely loves being a financial adviser. And our clients tell us that it really shows.

Dale gets enormous satisfaction from helping our clients achieve their objectives, whatever they may be. That might mean helping you to:

  • Plan how best to secure the financial future of you and your family
  • Understand whether you can afford to retire early
  • Make sure you can live comfortably in retirement
  • Make informed choices about your money
  • Avoid costly (and sadly, all too common) financial mistakes

Once you’ve met Dale, you will soon realise that his claim to give honest and frank financial advice in plain English is true. It’s what he does. He guarantees he will always give you a straight answer; because that’s the only sensible starting point when putting in place realistic and achievable plans.

Our plain talking extends to our fees too.

Everyone likes to be paid for doing a good job, and we are no different.

But, what you pay must be fair and represent good value for money.

So we’ll have an initial consultation at our own expense and if you want to work with us, we’ll tell you up front how much we’ll charge so there are no nasty surprises.

We know it sounds simple. We think it should be. After all, isn’t life complicated enough?

Put us to the test

If we sound like the type of people you want to work with, get in touch and let’s have a chat. It’s your chance to quiz us, put us on the spot, and ask us anything you want.