People in their 40s

If you’re a fortysomething, you will have many different financial priorities all competing for your attention.

The financial future of your children will no doubt be at the forefront of your mind. But saving for your future, especially retirement, will be nagging away somewhere at the back of your mind too.

Making sure you pay the mortgage, live a comfortable lifestyle and save, is tricky to pull off.

Don’t forget planning for ‘the what if?’ too. In other words, what happens if you are ill, or worse, die? How will your family cope financially?

Coping with all of this on a budget isn’t easy. We’ll help you cut through the fog, decide on what is actually important, and what isn’t. Then we’ll help you plan your finances accordingly.


Problems we solve

Our experience tells us there are some specific problems we help fortysomethings solve:

  • Helping you prioritise your objectives within your financial and budgetary constraints.
  • Making sure that if anything nasty happens to you, or your partner, your family will be financially secure
  • Ensuring you have the money to help your children with the cost of university education, or to get on the housing ladder
  • Helping you to understand pensions and showing you how you can live the lifestyle you want in retirement
  • If you want to move home, ensuring that you get the right advice
  • When money is tight, you could be forgiven for thinking that the last thing you should do is call a financial adviser.

That’s the wrong answer. We told you we are straight talking!

Chat to us, and you will soon see how our advice will secure your financial future.

We are just like you. We’ve both got children and the same competing financial priorities as you. That makes us perfectly positioned to advise you.


It all starts with a phone call

We are here to help and it all starts with a call and a chat.

Call us on 07900 684703 and let’s talk about how we can help you get on track.